Dear Universe, please kill SOPA and PIPA

SOPA and PIPA are like taking a sledgehammer to your fine china. No really, it is. If you want to break your china it’s better just to throw it on the floor. No need to hit with a sledgehammer.

I don’t agree with pirating per se but we have to look at why it’s happening before we try to stop it. Massive marketing campaigns mean that we want to see every movie out there, for example, but there’s no way we can afford to so if you want to keep up to date you have to cheat.

Personally I don’t think Tom Cruise should get $30M per movie, he’s not that good an actor, and while I believe people who make movies should earn a decent living (if they make a decent movie) I also think that we’re being duped into thinking that the industry is hard done by.

It’s the small budget movie makers that are hard done by but isn’t it the larger movie makers responsibility to keep them afloat and not the public who don’t earn anywhere near the amounts the movie studios have to play with? They have to stop making their industry less about making money and more about art before they get all huffy and puffy about the pirating issue I think. (And this is why capitalism as it is today sucks, my friends…)

So as much as I don’t agree with pirating per se I also don’t agree that we need to pay $20 to see a movie, $30 for a movie on DVD or $30 for a music CD.

SOPA and PIPA are scary. You do realize that your blog is at risk, right? If you have ever put a little image on your blog and you “borrowed” from somewhere else and that somewhere else  happens to be American, Google, in my case, runs the risk of having to take Blogger down. That’s how bad it is.

I can’t help but think that SOPA and PIPA are trying to tackle the problem of pirating from the wrong side. If large corporations came to, shall we say, a more reasonable agreement when it comes to pricing and how they distribute their wealth then I think we would be getting somewhere but as it stands right now:

Dear Universe,
Please kill SOPA and PIPA before it kills the internet and the relative freedom we have through it to express ourselves and connect with others. Please do that and please make it your priority. Thank you!

Yours truly,
Spilling Ink

I have a plan for this afternoon’s meeting with HR and the department head and I’m gonna go in, I’m gonna come out and nobody will get hurt. I would really appreciate some help with that too, Universe. Thanks again!


  1. I think the universe is listening to you, at least as far as SOPA is concerned. Fingers crossed for the other stuff.

  2. I think you are actually UNDERestimating the SOPA/PIPA issue. Even if you never "borrowed" an image, you are at risk it is more likely that sites like blogger would simply cease to exist because they cannot handle the constant monitoring necessary to find out whether or not your images are borrowed.

    1. I was kind of heading that way with the post but I'm too tired to think at the moment. The point you're making is precisely why SOPA and PIPA are so dangerous. I hate to be dramatic but it's fascism.


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