Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I can think again it appears...

I’m back again. At least for now.

Today my brain is back in the “WTF world?!” mode again and I’m looking around at the BS sprouted at us that we’re supposed to believe and not question. Problem seems to be that most people actually choose to believe and not question. I find that worrying.

I would like to start by saying Windows is dead. Yep. For most of us it comes as a great relief because we’ve been battling with the beast for far too long. Let’s face it. The Windows beast sucks. It may be cheaper to get a PC with Windows than it is getting a Mac but for Christ’s sake realize that you will need to know how it works (and you will need to know magic) or your local PC shop is going to make more money out of you anyway. You should have bought the Mac and realized that you would have a user friendlier system to work with.

I had to make the move from PC to Mac early this year when my laptop (running Windows Vista – I use the term “running” loosely) gave up the ghost because of hardware failure. It had served me well and when I was given a Mac mini to use in lieu of my laptop I snickered and sneered because I was told I would never look back. I stopped snickering, I stopped sneering and I never looked back. My questions for Microsoft are: How can you not make a better system? HOW CAN YOU NOT?


We’re lazy, not because we use cars but because we’ve not come up with a more energy efficient means of travel yet. You cannot tell me there’s no better technology out there. You cannot convince me there isn’t. Where is it and how can we get it out there now? If we’re really serious about “saving” the planet we can’t afford to wait. We need to jump on this now.

Here in Sydney if you’re cycling you’re basically seen like some sort of feral animal who takes up space on the road simply to annoy motorists. As a cyclist you will tell people that you cycle to keep fit, get to and from places and to save the environment. We need to encourage more cycling.

Seeing that most of the low skill jobs and to some extent medium level skill jobs are now getting outsourced to Asia how will first world countries be able to sustain their economies? Is it just me or is there a complete lack of planning? Is it a surprise that the EU is falling to bits? It doesn’t seem surprising to me. We cannot afford to sit back and assume that the people we elected are in fact looking out for our best. We cannot allow corporations to run away with profits while less and less money is put back into our economies. We need to open our eyes to what’s happening around us and realize that capitalism is no longer working for us but against us. Time to turn it around folks, and it’s time to turn it around in our favor.

Here in Australia, at least among the people I’m surrounded with there seems to be a lack luster response to Christmas this year. It’s almost as though people are over spending big and lashing out on gifts and extravaganza. Could it be that we’ve become afraid to open our purses wide open to be raped by retail? Perhaps.


Have a good one won’t you? It appears I will for a change.

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