Yesterday beet. Today *yawn*

I arrive at this point occasionally. The point is that I'm tired but not in a bad way. At this particular stage I feel something akin to contentment and I may even be a little satisfied.

Things aren't perfect but they're good enough and good enough is pretty good.

Maybe it's finally being off the medication that's making me feel like this and more, ummm what's the word, normal than I have in years it seems. But then time tends to be deceptive and it stretches and contracts in your mind as it pleases.

I feel like something is concluding, coming to an end and is about to get off my back once and for all. I hope that feeling is right. I have a list of things that want to get off my back.

Today, my dear friends, life's not so bad after all.

So, no profound thinking today I'm afraid folks. Tonight it's just little old me ready to curl up into a little ball so I can fall asleep and dream pretty dreams. I want to sleep like little bunnies do: innocently and huddled up together with other furry tiny bodies to remind you that sometimes when you feel alone nothing could be further from the truth.

Bonne nuit mes amis...


  1. "Today, my dear friends, life's not so bad after all."

    Splendid! Bonne nuit,


  2. Moments of quiet contentment is all that I seek now. They are as little sparkling jewels that I hold in the palm of my hand and gaze at in awe.

    sweet dreams


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