Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wow and hi!

Today brought a nice surprise. A mention of me and my blog at julochka's moments of perfect clarity brought an avalanche of new traffic which means I had some new faces around here. All that really made me happy.

I was going to write a follow up to yesterday's post but I think julochka pretty much covered everything I wanted to say about it, at least for now.

I've never really had any real intentions for this blog. I just really like to write, Most of the time I write to get things out of my head so I can look at them a little more objectively.

I guess when I write about things that tick me off, like corporate crap and injustices in the world, I do it also in the hope that it will make more people think about those things should they happen to stop by and read it.  I also like to see if there are more people who think like me out there. Especially in the past few weeks I've had people comment and they're expressing their own individual views and I love it!

I've had this blog for a few years and it's almost a year ago since I decided to delete all the old posts and start anew. I've thought about adding them all back but I'm not sure I want to. I don't think I'm the same person I was even a year ago.

Right now, at this exact moment, I feel incredibly blessed. In the past few months I've stumbled across a lot of really good blogs that I started to read regularly and these people are now coming to visit me. I feel humbled.

All this may seem a little like sentimental crap but I'll tell you why it feels so important to me right now. I have a voice again. For so many years I wasn't talking at all and I've held it in. The moment I let it lose in this blog I expected that it would be ignored or criticized but instead I'm seeing people come back and I keep track of them in turn on their blogs.

If you're one of the people who come by regularly, and I know you are because I look at the stats, and never comment please join in. I'm no comment whore - I just love a good discussion.

I've had so many great comments today and I hope all of you stick around. You've all just made my day!

This little possum is off to her nest to get some well earned sleep.

If I'm lucky cat #3 wants to play teddy bear again and I get to cuddle up with her little warm body against mine. We pretend we're little bunny rabbits but we don't tell anyone because we fear they will think we're being childish. Cats worry about things like that too you know.


  1. i'm glad some new people stopped by - mostly because i think it's a meaningful conversation you're having here and i'm having there and molly's having in cape town and lost star in london (i could go on)...maybe this IS how we'll affect a revolution. :-)

  2. I'm absolutely stoked! Maybe this IS how we'll affect a revolution indeed!

    I need to get some sleep but I'm just having too much fun right now!

  3. I know exactly about cuddly cat...especially if they're purring like a geiger counter.

    The purrfect lullaby.



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