Things I think may be useful to develop a positive outlook

I tend to make a distinction between positive attitude and positive outlook. It’s more than likely because I’ve got a bit fed up with the whole positive attitude cult. At the same time I know, God do I know, that having a positive outlook in life does helps you enormously.

Here are some of my tips for whatever it is worth:

Pay attention to your internal dialogue. If the majority of your thoughts are negative, especially if they’re about you, then you need to do something if you want to improve the way things are for you. Some people recommend making a list out of the negative thoughts then rewriting them and keep doing this until your negative list gets down to a more reasonable size.

If you’re having trouble communicating, then do what you have to do to learn. Not saying how we feel can lead to frustration, anger, anxiety and hurt. Find ways to communicate more effectively both with yourself and with others.

Get back to basics. Stop trying to do it all and do more of the things you really enjoy doing. Reconnect with friends, for a walk, visit an art gallery or read a favorite book.

Spend time somewhere you’re guaranteed to see people worse of then you are. A friend used to go sit in the shopping centre during the day when he was out of a job because he would always see people who were quite clearly worse off than he was. He claims that it made a huge difference when it comes to how he felt about his own situation.

Learn to let things be. There are things, situations and there are people we can change. There are a lot more things, a lot more situations and a lot more people we can’t change. It’s easier to change how you look at things, your outlook, than it is to change things that are outside of you.

Allow love in your life. Loving and being loved are basic human needs and when we do it makes it easier to combat emotions born out of fear.

Laugh. Trawl youtube for stand up acts or whatever else makes you giggle. Have a great big laugh at it all.

Exercise and eat healthy foods.

Read blogs. Yep, I know I don’t have to tell you that but just in case you’re wondering why you do it I can tell you why. Blogs are often very inspirational and you can learn so much from reading about others’ experiences.

These are just some of the things that are off the top of my head.

Outlook is to an extent a matter of choice and it is something you can work at changing so it works for you and not against you. Sometimes it’s hard work but it pays off in the end.

I’m just saying.


  1. All very fine advice. You carry a lot of good thoughts at the top of your head. ;)

  2. i think the way i managed to have a more positive outlook was to stop letting my life be ruled by Outlook. as in the evil microsoft mail program. i'm much happier without a calendar full of meaningless meetings and being subjected to death by power point (another evil MS product - hmm, why are they on my mind today?).

    i can also recommend bunnies. they're very fluffy and sweet and very happy-making.

  3. Fluffy bunnies and kittens - tell you, they work every time.

    Powerpoint is another story.

    There's a great New Yorker cartoon in which the devil is interviewing a demon. He says something like "We need someone experienced with torture. Do you know Powerpoint?"


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