Starving Demi

I was reading a newspaper, the Sunday Telegraph, today and I usually find something I think it utterly ridiculous in it. Today it was Ros Reines (to be honest I'm not even sure who she is - some sort of celebrity peeping Tom?) dissecting Demi Moore and her relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

Or should that be flailing marriage to Ashton Kutcher the philanderer?

Or should that be the marriage of two philanderers?

Or should that be the marriage of two people of very different ages?

Or should that be the marriage of a cougar and a toy boy.

I don't know.

I kind of prefer to think of them as Demi and Ashton.

The media has been watching Demi like a hawk of late giving us constant updates on her alarming weight loss. It is alarming. the poor woman looks like she would break in two if there was a sudden strong wind gust.

You have to be a little concerned but then I don't think we need to really know why she's lost so much weight. I don't anyway. If Ashton's been a right bastard well then he's been a right bastard but of course perhaps she was a right bitch. Maybe the relationship has just run its course.  Maybe having relationships last forever just isn't anymore.

I don't care.

Seeing Demi Moore starving is not nearly as alarming as seeing one third of the world starving. Maybe Demi is taking a stand against starvation. It would be kind of cool if she would front up one day barking at the press for taking such interest in her getting too skinny when they can't be bothered writing about starving Africans anymore.


A lot more alarming

I'm just saying.


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