Friday, November 25, 2011


I suffered from insomnia.

I remember those days.

Like it was yesterday.

Because it was like yesterday!!! (The blatant overuse of ! denotes that I'm going through some sort of emotional ordeal because of the situation. I just don't overuse ! unless things have gotten really bad.)

In the space of, mmmm, a week I have gone from having to use all sorts of sneaky methods to make myself sleep to hitting the pillow and sleeping through the whole night. Which usually means I wake up busting to pee because some of us still haven't learned that it's not a good thing to drink a lot at night.

Yes mum, I know you told me decades ago. You are right.  I am wrong.

I love sleeping. I really do. Although the whole dreaming thing can get a little complicated. I don't enjoy having a whole night of dreaming of disemboweling. I know I watched a David Lynch movie before going to bed but COME ON! I like dreams that are made of fluffy bunnies and kittens, and the occasional unicorn. Oh, and at least half of the male cast in True Blood.

I remember a time when I used to nudge O all the time because he was snoring. When he's snoring it's sleeping with a grizzly bear with a cold. Between grizzly bear and its left leg, a leg that sometimes get possessive and decides that my right leg belongs to it, I had a hard time getting shut eye.

 Not so anymore.

I now put on my little beanie, it was one of the little tricks I used to make myself sleep, and I disappear for the night and travel to places in my dreams where Stephen King would shit his pants if he was with me. But he's not and I don't care. The dreams don't even bother me to be honest. (I'm really all that desensitized. I sat through Blair Witch and I came out a changed woman - and I didn't pee myself even once!)

I would love to go back to bed now. It's my day off and it's winter weather out. It's November in Sydney, Australia and we had the heater on last night. Global warming?! My Dad is right. Someone's made a mistake. Al? Can we talk about this please? I'm a little confused.

(And don't give me all those scientific explanations about how it all works and it gets colder in some places but it's still global warming and we should be in an ice age now and you're making me tired with all that stuff and you're making me want to sleep!!)

I have to go clean now. As I'm renting my house we have a house inspection today and I have two hours to get things ready.

Then I will sleep. Maybe.

Or Christmas shop. I have figure out what grizzly bears like.

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  1. Thanks goodness for earplugs...I too have a snorer!



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