OK, so there are a lot more people out there who think that the world leaves a lot to be desired and that we could do a lot better than we’re currently doing. Basically we want more fluffy bunnies (julochka has some of those) and kittens (any animal shelter should be able to help there - I hear they have a massive surplus – watch out though, they grow up).

Seriously, I thought I was alone and radical but it appears that I’m almost mainstream. I tried to feel bad about that, who wants to be average right, but I realize that it’s all very encouraging. However, I will need to buy a T-Shirt with Che Guevara on it to stand out a bit. They kind of look good if you’re wearing jeans.

I’m being naughty. I’m writing this at work. Let’s call it a warm up before I get to writing about machines and equipment. I need more coffee.


The last 24 hours have made me realize that the Wall Street movement is just the tip of the iceberg. As much as that movement seems a little vague and disorganized I think we need to look at it more as a sign that things are brewing. They’re not rioting yet but they’re expressing their dismay at…a lot of things. This is good. We can’t expect everyone to have a clear view of what they want instead and we shouldn’t tell them to shut up until they do. They’re unhappy and they’re letting us know. Good on ‘em.

I think it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you look at the world and you know you want it to change because it’s basically going wrong. As normal people we have a feeling that things are out of control and that we, the people, are not having a lot of say in where it’s heading.

Democracy. Anyone remember that? We elect people to represent us in parliaments…yeah, you remember? How do you feel it’s working for us?

To me it’s seems that politicians have completely lost the plot. I don’t think it’s their fault necessarily but I think the system needs a shake-up.

Here in Australia we finally got a female prime minister last year. She didn’t get her job through election. There was a sort of hostile take-over. Now the previous prime minister whose job she took is rumoured to be plotting a hostile take-over, this month, so he can get back in power. Come on people! This is not a personal power struggle! This is our government! Keep your eye on the ball and lead the country people! Concentrate and do what you were elected to do.

We actually had our prime minister appear on Junior Master Chef as a judge here in Australia. Cute (PR smart as well) but not terribly useful. Keep your eye on the ball.

It’s time for me to switch into corporate mode and do something useful.

I’ll be back. Except not Terminator style OK.


  1. I am still incensed about the bankers and their bonuses. Also about the hypocrisy of the whole BP thing, fair enough they screwed up but they paid to clean up, they paid big time and yet Bhopal is still a toxic mess 25 years after the 'accident' that killed thousands. Also the whole WMD thing, the countries that have them invade those that they suspect have them too. Also the War On Terror which smells too much like 1984, remember? After the fall of the USSR the USA needed a new enemy to justify spending so much on defence, enter Goldstein, er Bin Laden. Also...

    Apologies for my rant I'll stop now

    Actually I do have that T-shirt, being born in the 50's and never throwing away anything that is still half-way decent. You get one too and we'll start A Movement?

    PS I loved Kyle

  2. i do think that the wall street folks are a bit, um, inarticulate. and possibly just avoiding going to work (which i can understand, don't get me wrong). i haven't written about them, b/c i'm not sure yet what i think about it. because i'm not sure what they want. i think they may be sensing that they're witnessing the decline of an empire and want to be sure they went on record as not supporting it. kind of like the intellectual arts community at the time of the russian revolution. only with less cool paintings and poetry and more tattoos and lipstick messages written on stomaches.

    denmark just elected their first female prime minister. and she seems just as idea-less as the last one, but at least her last name isn't rasmussen (which i was beginning to think was a requirement for the post).

    the real problem we're facing is a lack of true leaders and public intellectuals. i think if we could fix that (as much as i love slavoj zizek, the man just makes no sense to most people), we would go a long way towards fixing all the other bits.


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