Sunday, November 13, 2011

Literature v. Entertainment

I'm not really a snob when it comes to reading material.

It's not like I go through everything I read and edit it in my mind.

If the writer has something decent to say I'll read it no matter how bad the grammar or spelling is, it matters not to me one little bit.

I'd be hypocrite if I picked on others for that sort of thing considering I'm just about the laziest person there is when it comes to proofing my own blog posts to make sure everything's above board.

I do, however, take issue with certain writings being referred to as literature.

There are days when I and my senior technical writer end up having heated discussions about that sort of thing (one favorite topic is capitalism - I think it's not working and he thought, please take note of the past tense used, that it's really good for all) and we seldom agree. Our last discussion of this nature started with me ranting about Stephanie Meyers and her god damn Twilight Saga. It's badly written. Period.

I don't have to clarify why I say that, you're a clever cookie.

My senior technical writer loves bullet points, they're sometimes our friend but not always, and also tried to convince me the other day that you can drill out a rectangular cutout in a cabinet in the field (i.e. after it's been installed at the customer's dig and is no longer in manufacturing). Think about that for a brief second my dears...

Drills make holes that are round and we're looking for a rectangular cutout...

Anyway, said senior technical writer's wife is reading Twilight and she loves it. My comment was that he shouldn't let her read that shit because it will rot her brain and he actually got angry.

Literature. There's a difference between it and entertainment. Twilight is entertainment and as such it is adequate for some. Literature it's not.

I couldn't personally sit down and read Twilight because it makes me angry. I have read pieces and that'll do me, thank you very much. To be honest, I had enough problems reading Dan Brown's the Da Vinci Code but it suited me at the time. The chapters are very short and I was traveling on public transport at the time.

I guess what I'm trying to get at there is that just because something sells doesn't mean it's good. It very much depend on marketing and the ability to get merchandise out there with a movie or a book. In the case of Twilight it's saturated the market and people get used to seeing it and accept it because of that. A lot of people automatically assume that because something is popular it means that it's good. I disagree.

I think it's really important to know the difference. When I was studying engineering I had a Swedish teacher who used to hammer on about James Joyce and Fyodor Dostoevsky to the point that you wanted to fill your ears with pieces of glass rather then listen. She had a really good point though: By all means read anything that you can get your hands on and if you're entertainment by it then that's good. Just make sure you know the difference between literature and entertainment.

It's taken years but I agree with her. Still don't like admitting it though.


  1. The thing that brings me out in hives is when a word is emphasised with more than one exclamation mark!(!!!!)


  2. OMG!!!! YES!!!!

    It's like being on a bus full of teenagers who haven't yet learned the art of speaking with reasonable volume. They're all deaf you know and some people write like that too!

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