I came here to build a bridge

I did set up that third worm farm and it was at the end of setting it up, in the finishing phase like, that I came to realize that I was missing one important ingredient:

Enough worms.

The simple solution to a lack of worm is to get more worms. You can wait for the worms to make more worms which they will especially in the warmer months. If you're a little impatient like I am, apparently, then you find a place that sells them and you buy some more which is how I've come to sit here and wait for 2000 little beauties of five varieties and 1000 eggs (which hatch within three weeks and take six weeks to mature) to arrive.

You're not going to believe this but when I was living in the actual city I used to own a business that sold worms to the local council. I was a worm farmer. We had 25 working factories in our little concrete backyard.

Food for the worms came mainly from a local fruit and veg shop that was more than happy for us to take old veg for our worms in return for some of the castings to use with their own plants in their homes. Sometimes they would even leave us a tray or two of plums that were too ripe to sell. Worms love sweets. I bet you didn't know that!

I'm hoping that my next project will be to grow some corn. I like the idea of growing something we can eat!


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