I was just talking to someone and we were on the subject of aftershave. I love scents and I have way too many perfumes but I can't say that there's an aftershave that I actually know of that I really like. I used to love Lagerfeld in the 80s and then in the 90s Artemis but I don't think guys wear those anymore. At least if I'm to believe my nose.

When I was still in school and in my teens and I was doing my engineering course there was this guy who was from Paraguay or Uruguay, I forget which, and he was a friend of my friend Carlos who was from Chile. The guy's name was Jorge and I thought he was so hot. He had the nicest behind I had ever seen. I never went out with him or anything because I was quite content perving at his behind while I was hanging out with my friend Carlos wagging classes so we could smoke and drink coffee.

One day I realized that Jorge wasn't all I thought he was cracked up to be. His behind wasn't really all that nice to look at suddenly. I was puzzled for a while but then I realized that he had changed aftershave. He went from wearing Lagerfeld to wearing something else that my olfactory sense didn't find nearly as appetizing.

Not long after that I was having dinner with my family and I can't remember why we were talking about aftershave but I declared at some stage during the conversation that Lagerfeld aftershave was the kind of stuff that could make any man, and he could be butt ugly, look dead sexy and completely irresistible to any woman.

Within a few weeks my father and my brother were both wearing Lagerfeld.

It was a very confusing time in my life.


  1. The power of sense... Interesting

  2. that's funny. my fave men's scent is mont blanc individuel. it's quite unisex and I have even been known to wear it myself on days when I needed strength for a meeting...

  3. Hate men smelling long as they use deodorant, that's all they need.

    When I first met Laughing Boy he wore so much after shave it made me cough...Lord knows why I carried on seeing him.


  4. Scent can be powerful. Sadly, some men seem to think that if a little is attractive, then a lot will be even more attractive.
    Men of the world: if you can smell your aftershave, then it's Too Strong.

    I also think some women ladle on the perfume by the bucketful, but are they doing that to make themselves more attractive to other people or merely because they like the smell?


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