Sunday, November 20, 2011

Apaches, Captain! The hills are swarmin' with 'em

The heat is pressing in Sydney, Australia this weekend. Thank goodness O went and got new ice cube trays. Ice cube trays that make ice cubes that look like space invaders.

I'm tired but I still set up another worm farm this morning and am currently contemplating setting up a third. I already had one that I started last year.

We compost all of our organic matter and the compost heap is a hap hazard heap that we just throw things on. I dug around in it this morning to find some earth to put in the new farm, accidentally chopped a huge earth worm in half which upset me a bit and irritated a whole bunch of flies who obviously consider it to be a five star restaurant. I was half expecting the heap to start talking and begging for mercy when I first put the shovel in it. It's teaming with life.

Have any of you out there got worm farms that you feed your compost waste through?


  1. Yep - picked a beauty up from the childs school fete last year...brand new, never used, came with instructions - which I probably should read cos it's bursting at the seams. It's a standing up one which I layer with food scraps & newspaper, watering once a week (when I remember), collecting the 'worm juice' from the tap thingy at the bottom in an ice cream container which the lettuces & tomatoes have to share.

    Judging by the quantity of the worms you have your garden must be flourishing!

  2. reminds me I need to write about computer worms


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