Peace on earth – is too much to ask for?!

For as long as I can remember peace on earth has been at the forefront of what we wish for. In the Western world we were programmed to use it as some kind of mantra as kids, which is kind of weird when you think about the Gulf War (twice!) and all that…

How do we go from bringing up nations of little kids who want peace on earth more than anything else to getting these same little kids to join the military forces as soon as they’re old enough? It’s not that hard you know if you manage to roll wanting peace in with some fear that war will touch the very place you’re living in.

A friend’s mother, who is a Buddhist (I don’t know why I had to mention that but I did…), has a small sign in the back window of her car that says “No war”. Simple enough, but I was saying to her on the weekend that I’d like it to say “More peace”.

This woman and I don’t normally have a lot to agree on (It’s hard to find common ground with a Polish Jewish mother who’s 80 and who spent the best part of her childhood hiding from Nazis and eating the walls of a house because there wasn’t enough food…I’m a spoilt brat compared to her no matter how you look at it …I’m just saying.) but on this we agreed and I think the reason is that “No war” seems bloody impossible to achieve what with the current level of maturity of the world leaders and all. More peace just seems a little more realistic. It’s easier to get your head around that and you can start small, like with your neighbors or something.

Apart from that I think it’s important to focus on things in a more positive way, I’m hedging my bets here really in case the law of attraction people really are right and because it’s less depressing that way. We established the other day that depression is just not funny (refer that post that I’m too lazy to link too...I must have tagged it Depression if you’re interested…which I hope you are).

I suppose there are some people who like war, though they’re probably making some sort of career out of to be honest, but most of us are scared witless of even the thought of going through war. We don’t want it. We’d much rather give it a miss and have a root canal if those were the only two options available to us. War is bloody awful stuff. Nothing good ever came of war. One has to wonder why there’s so much of it. I know people who went to war and they got seriously messed up!

It’s almost as if we can’t stand it when it’s all peaceful with little fluffy bunnies and kittens happily running around in the grass playing. It’s almost as if when there’s no drama we feel lost because we think we lack purpose or something. I see this all around me at work. As soon as things are going smooth someone has to throw their weight around and put an obstacle in the way. Things just can’t be easy and smooth, can they?

But just as a reliable economy and better wealth distribution is not too much to ask for it’s not too much to ask for to have peace on earth. We’ve tried the war thing. It’s pretty much a lose-lose situation. Peace and quiet, no one really loses there. It's just that it seems like such a huge thing to ask for but it's not.

So no, peace on earth is not too much to ask for so I’m asking for it now.






And better wealth distribution (I think that will help with the peace too).

Thank you.


  1. Wouldn't it just be wonderful?

    A really good, thought provoking post.


  2. actually, as a swede, you do have something in common with the 80-year-old jewish woman...since sweden saved quite a lot of denmark's jews from the nazis in WWII (when it looked like germany was going to win and so denmark thought, "hey, we're a repository of the arian race, so let's be on their side." (but i digress.) anyway. peace is a very nice thing, but as you say, slightly boring. i think we have a basic human need for drama. which explains "reality" tv....but that's a whole 'nother post....

    (p.s. i'm clearly having fun going back through your archives...)


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