Depression just isn’t friggin' funny

A lot, no wait, A LOT of people are depressed. Depressed is the new ADHD.

I suppose it’s lucky that depression has been around for as long as it has, as a recognized condition I mean, because it’s not only important to know that a condition from which you can suffer is available to suffer from but also that it has some cred.

Depression has cred and it’s just not street cred.  It has med cred, psych cred, general population cred and a whole lot of other types of cred that I’m frankly too tired to think of right now.

Depression sucks which is why it’s so important to get help before you realize that you are suffering from it. Ideally. 

Ideally if you feel like crap for any prolonged period you should talk to someone about it. For those of us who are socially inept, like myself, and who are also psychologically burdened with a tendency to not want to burden others with our burdens, it’s especially important to reach out. If you have friends reach out to them.

If you don't have friends or have friends that you feel you can't talk to it about then reach out to one of the many organizations that exist and that have people who are eager to listen to your problems without wanting anything from you. There are people who volunteer just so they can listen to people feeling depressed and help them. You should show them the respect they deserve and talk to them because they want to help you. I'm just saying. Respect.

I’m not making fun of depression. It’s not available to make fun of. Depression just isn’t friggin' funny.

I, in my own brain tired kind of way, am writing this post because I spend a lot of time talking on Communicator with a lady in our US office. She lost her daughter to suicide because of depression. We talk about how she misses her daughter every day. She spends every moment of her life wondering why and asking herself why she didn't do anything/enough to stop it from happening.

If you're depressed it can be hard to remember that you will be missed but you will be. If you're depressed seek help now. Don't wait. You don't deserve to wait.

If you know someone who you think is depressed the best thing you can do is to be their friend. Just be there and as much as it can be really hard to be around depressed people just be their friend. You can also talk to one of the organizations that are set up to help people with depression. They can give you advice on how to help others.

If you're depressed I need to let you know that you matter. I don't even know you but you matter to me.

If you're depressed and you haven't reached out do it now. Please. Right now. You don't deserve to wait.

I'm just saying.


  1. There's much truth in what you write Ink Spiller.

    You're new background is so much cheerier that the old and has certainly lifted my spirits this morning.


  2. Yes SP, I thought the subject needed a sunnier background because there is hope. The elephant was beautiful but she was a bit dark.

  3. I'm a member of that club, the Black Dog Owner's Club. It is truly awful, especially as I feel the need to make everyone around me happy even when I feel like crawling into a corner and never coming out. Depression is a curse and yes, I have often considered that way out but The Rags keep me going because my mother took her own life and I still carry the guilt


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