Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The art of will power

Who and what is will power and where to you get some? Is will power something that you can only obtain after years of practicing Zen Buddhism in a desert where there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, to tempt you? I know this much, I don’t have a lot of it. Not desert or Zen Buddhism. Will power. I don’t have a lot of will power.

It’s come down to this: It’s me against crap food. It’s not because I’m horrendously overweight or unfit anymore. I’m OK for my age. I could settle for that, being fit and overweight (no longer classified as obese which I found out didn’t take all that much) but I don’t want to. I want to be skinny because I know it will make me feel better in so many ways. There’s also the little problem of diabetes. I don’t have a family history of it as such but I do have an awful lot of people around me who have suddenly developed diabetes. Getting diabetes is scary. That shit makes you go blind!

One of the guys who work for me was diagnosed with diabetes last year. He’s made enormous changes to his diet. He used to have things in his lunchbox that would have an eight year old envious. He’s lost weight, he eats healthier and as a result of that he’s healthier. He comes in the other day and tells me that he was reading an article in a diabetes magazine about this weird diet that could cure diabetes. All you’re allowed to eat for two months is onions and capsicum. You’d lose a hell of a lot of weight if you only ate onions and capsicum. I asked him this because I’m a curious person:

If he knew that sticking to that diet for two months would cure him, would he do it? Would he eat only onions and capsicum for two months if he knew it would cure his diabetes?

He looked at me for the longest time because it was obviously a valid question and one that he hadn’t yet asked himself.

Having played mind games with my colleague, something I always find satisfying, I found myself asking myself the same question in a slightly different way:

If I knew that I could prevent myself from ever getting diabetes would I eat only onions and capsicum for two months? I mean, if my doctor told me that this was the way, would I do it? Would I start, cheat and then pretend, or would I really do it?

Now I don’t have diabetes and I don’t show any signs of being on my way to getting it but it could happen unless I smarten up now and change my ways.

Eating to keep healthy seems like such a no-brainer but it’s not. Unless we’re staring certain death in the face we don’t really take action. Unless we’re staring certain death in the face we choose to be sold on marketing for products that are killing us at worst and making us a lot unhealthier at best.

Why do they even allow these products to be sold? Companies are making money off slow murder! And don’t tell me that it’s a free world, that's what capitalism is all about or that people should be responsible for themselves and make smart choices. It’s clear that the majority just can’t be responsible in that way and it's costing us millions in healthcare (just so that these companies can make a profit).


Perhaps the way to start taking weight loss seriously and to start eating like a grown up is to get at least a little paranoid about bad health and dying as a result of it. Maybe that is the way to develop will power…

I don’t care how it happens; I just want to stop eating crap.

I’m just saying.

Oh, and by the way, the guy who works for me has decided to lose ten kgs (20 pounds roughly) before Christmas. His doctor thinks it may cure his diabetes. No onions or capsicum though.


  1. How do they eat?

    They manage to stay thin a beautiful but then they have a whole other appreciation for food I think.

    Then there's that thing they have about allowing foods to be seasonal.

  2. Mouse, from what I see, the don't.

    My thin French friends push food around their plate and take tiny portions.

    Interestingly I'm seeing more and more really fat French women nowadays.

    Ink Spiller, if it was necessary to be healthy again, I'd go for the onions.



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