The art of eating like a grown up

I've been thinking. How come I eat so much crap? I don't let my daughter Bee eat as much crap as I do because I don't want her to grow up addicted to junk food.

I eat healthy, don't get me wrong. I eat dark rye bread because I love it. I put smoked salmon on it. I don't butter the bread, I avocado it because I love, love, love avocado. I put Jarlsberg lite cheese on it because it's the lowest in saturated fats. I have no more than two slices.

I eat apples, golden kiwis and a sushi roll at work for breakfast and lunch.

I have a glass of apple juice, gold pressed and no added sugar, in the morning when I get to work because I find it completely kills the problems I had with too much acid in my stomach and it makes me stretchy as hell when I do yoga. I kid you not. That apple juice helps me stretch into positions my cycling legs just wouldn't before. It's mad. I tuck my hands under my feet doing a forward bend with straight legs easy since I started with the juice. It's insane.

But here's the thing. My fat little secret is all the little sugary sweets I sneak in especially when I can't sleep. Luckily I'm getting better at sleeping. Since I started my Lose Weight by Changing My Mind experiment I have come realize just how many of them I sneak in. This is what keeps me fat y'all!

What is it that still makes me eat like a kid? I don't even like the taste of the sugary treats but yet I have to somehow get them in my mouth and swallow them. It's like I'm rebelling against my mom telling me I can't have too many cookies and like watch me now mom 'cause I just ate a whole packet of Oreos. I don't even like the taste of them. I buy them because they're so sweet.

The art of eating like a grown up is something I have partially mastered. It's the partially unmastered part that I need to change. I need to change it because I want to wear dresses again without my thighs chafing. I want to wear sleeveless things without having to worry that I have begun the process of developing bat arms. Arrrrrrrrch! (<--- Yes Merry, I stole that from your iPad. I'm sorry but it just stuck you know.)

I need to stop buying crap food and just ban it from the house for like a month or something and then ban it for another month again. I need to learn to eat like a grown up because consarnit, I don't need to eat like a little kid!


  1. I've been saying the same thing for ages. Time to eat like a big boy but those potato chips and chocolates always manage to find their way back into the house. It takes will power to break the habit.

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