The art of being polite despite...

I stopped off at the fish shop this afternoon to get some salmon and having purchased said salmon I stepped outside onto the footpath where I stopped to put on my cycling gloves. I was cycling you see.

I was standing there on the footpath putting on my gloves, facing towards my bike and getting ready to get on it so I could keep riding home when I heard the beginning of that turned out to be an angry mutter. I turned around and I copped the most insane dose of stabby eyes I've seen in a long time. This was coupled with an angry tirade along the lines of "Are you going to stand there and block the foot path or are you going to move out of the way?"

I politely said "I'm sorry!" but I can tell you that it's not what went through my head.

I felt like running down the street to the hardware shop to get a can of spray paint so I could run back and tag that pepper pot's sky blue, synthetic, pathetic tracksuit pant arse 'cause that shit stains and there's no way any amount of Preen or White King bleach is going to remove that shit so she would have to hall her sorry arse back down to St Vincent's shop to find another god damned synthetic, pathetic pre-loved, bargain track suit 'cause that's the only god damned place you can buy that shit. ARRRRCH!

(And I'm so not even attempting to make the sentence grammatically correct. Or shorter.)

I mean really people. Is there something wrong with being polite? Is there an actual age limit for politeness? Is the world so bad that you cannot allow other humans in it to make simple mistakes without acting like a complete bitch? I'm so sick of rude people and Sydney it seems is full of them.


  1. I hate that sort of thing. I find the most annoying thing to do is grin at them. Most annoying to /them/, I mean.

  2. I bet you feel better now.

    I had a a bit of a do today as well and will write about it later...I'm afraid that I wasn't polite.


  3. I was very polite and I smiled like I usually do because they're old...

    On the inside though, on the inside...


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