*Arrrrrch* at the world

I think the world is a bit of a pisser at the moment. It’s all a bit disappointing really.

I don’t want to go ahead and blame people or even humanity; it’s so easy to do though, isn’t it?

I’ve kind of come the full circle with the whole self-help thing and I confessed yesterday to y’all that I had in past done the rounds with various spiritual paths.

I’ve toyed with the Law of Attraction and frankly I laughed in its face. The Law of Attraction got the last laugh though when my daughter found a small notebook that I had told her about. She asked me to read what was in it. She knew it was my “wish book”. I was a little taken aback when I realized that most of the things I had wished for were in my life, maybe not exactly the way I had imagined but none the less there. I’m still not convinced you know.

I do think though, and this goes together with my post from yesterday, that I right now am almost purposely seeing the world through dirt stained glasses. I’m a reality girl you see and as such I’m in constant search for the truth. Trouble is that I have long since realized that the truth is a funny little thing that can vary enormously depending on who you talk to and what situation they’re in. It also depends on what facts people have and whole lot of other things. Truth is fickle in other words.

My truth is that I know my mind well enough to know that truth is something that if applied to rigidly can lead to the apathy. You have to let your mind expand and play and you have to imagine yourself out of the quagmire sometimes before you can actually find a way out of it.

This is what I need to do. Imagine.

I find that I feel so completely at the mercy of the world that it’s starting to affect me badly. What with the looming economic crisis and all it’s not going to get any easier so it’s time to really take stock of what it is that makes me smile and feel good. I need to create a new worldview that suits me better and that has nothing to do with the truth. The truth is that the looming economic crisis has zero impact on me personally right now and I should really wait to worry about it until it does.

I’m not meaning to be selfish y’all because I care deeply about the world and the people in it. I’m at a complete loss to try to figure out why there people out there who find it hard to just exist and they live in friggin’ Europe! Africa, well we know they have issues there, God knows that with a little creativity we could solve that little problem in a jiffy but we don’t.

I despise the fact that wealth is accumulated by few when others are clearly suffering. Why is that OK? Why is it tolerated? It makes me so angry. “They” have made us fear sharing. We’re like little dragons sitting on treasures ready to kill anyone who even dares to side glance at our pretties.

A third of the world’s population is starving to death.

A third of the world’s population is eating itself to death.


Is it just me or is that not completely insane? I don’t need 20 different types of crisp chips to choose from especially not if they’re going to kill me!

I’m not sure how I got from the Law of Attraction to starvation but I do this a lot. I start somewhere and just ramble on (and make lots of spelling and grammar mistakes…). In a way it’s all connected though because I’m fairly certain that all those starving people wish they had food and the fact that they don’t is why I doubt the Law of Attraction….and that there’s a God. Frankly, if God can’t be bothered helping those people why the hell would he bother with my little petty problems?

The only ones that are responsible for the state of the world are us and we’re the ones who have the responsibility to fix it. We need to stop this corporate selfish BS thinking and smarten up and stop being afraid of sharing. I don’t think sharing’s ever hurt anybody. Really. Do you know anyone who was hurt by sharing? I don’t.

So cop this world:

I need y’all to quit being selfish pratts and start sharing a bit. I’m not talking to you Joe Blow, I’m talking to you Mr Suited-up-greedy-bonus-in-the-millions-grabbing arsehole who think that you are better than the little person cleaning the toilets on which you do your poo poo. We’re sick of being afraid and feeling helpless. We’re sick of working long hours for nothing and of being pushed around. We’re sick of feeling desperate because we know little kids are starving to death in Africa while knowing that any donations we make won’t really make a difference. It’s your turn now. You need to clean up this mess.


  1. YES! But they won't so we need to do it ourselves.

  2. Well said. I can't say I don't believe in the law of attraction... I've seen it in action to some degree. Maybe we shouldn't be trying to attract so much to ourselves but rather to those in need.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog the other day. Always nice to see a new face. :)

  3. Hi Hilary! Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment. I visit the Smitten Image regularly - the photos are just gorgeous.

  4. "A third of the world’s population is starving to death.

    A third of the world’s population is eating itself to death."

    That's something that I've been trying to get my head around for years!

    It astonishes me too that in times of economic crisis the rich just carry on getting richer.



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