Thursday, August 25, 2011

Y'all, smörgåsbord!

So, I’m reading this blog this morning in which the person who writes it was a tad upset about us non-Southerner-of-the-North-American-variety are using “ya’ll”. Apparently it’s not spelt that way, it’s spelt “y’all”. I’m happy to say that I’m now that little bit more educated. Thank you. It’s nice to learn something new.

However, I just can’t stop using the expression. I don’t want to go cold turkey on this one. I mean the blogger I’m talking about may be a really nice and cool person, and a popular blogger and all, but I still want to use the expression. I like the expression “y’all” (see, I spelt it right there) and I will continue to use it but I will spell it correctly from now on. Maybe. Unless I forget. Or make a typo. Out of habit. Or something.

The main reason I will continue to use the expression is because I like it and because it’s kind of like I’m making fun of my second husband who was from the South, USA. Making fun of him makes me feel less crappy about having wasted all those years thinking he was going to work out as a husband or for choosing him in the first place. It’s a personal thing. I think of it as therapy. Making fun of him without him knowing it. Which is not the same as talking ill of him behind his back. The intent is different, you know.

Also, I will continue to use the expression “y’all” (see, again I spelt it correctly) because I’m a little upset, continuously and a lot, over the widespread usage of the word “smorgasbord”. It’s not “smorgasbord”, it’s “smörgåsbord”. It’s not even pronounced “smorgasbord”. I’m just saying.

A friend of mine’s father is a linguist and we had this discussion one day about new words and new ways of using words. I’m not a fan of all this new corporate jargon that constantly pop up and so I was moaning and whining about people bastardizing the English language, a language that isn’t even really mine because it’s my second language (hence the whole “smorgasbord” v. “smörgåsbord” upset). Mr Linguist listened patiently to me and then finally said “Languages are dynamic and evolve all the time. They are living, not dead. They evolve to suit the needs of those who use them.”

I agree. I'm just saying. Y'all.


  1. Just so long as you bear in mind that "y'all" is singular. If addressing several people, the term is "all y'all".

    I do hope you're feeling better or at least less not-so-great.

  2. I now feel better equipped to communicate with my colleagues in the US office.

    As for how I'm feeling...I just posted something that probably shows I'm heading in the "less not-so-great".


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