We're moving forward

We’re moving forward

We're changing

The clock ticks, we fear dangers, real or imagined, but we choose to be blind to what’s really going on around us

We live in a world where over-consumption demand production of gases that kill

As poison liquids spill from pipes and into drains it’s not the companies that explain why the fish are dying or why we can’t let our children swim for fear of sickness or death

Yes, we’re moving forward towards the unknown, we worship change, we build empires on industries that threaten our existence in ways that no one wants to talk about

The clock ticks, we buy now and take stock later as temperatures rise and pollution make the skies heavy and acid falls on us as rain

We abuse and yet refuse to contemplate our actions

We complain that life is not how it used to be but we move forward

We turn our backs on that which feeds us and sell it down the drain for a TV set and a new pair of shoes not because we need them but because we reason that we deserve them

We do not listen

We are deaf to the cries of others

We gouge and guzzle the bounties of our Mother while another mother wonders if her child will live through the next hour

Not the next day

Not the next week
Not the rest of her life

Just the next hour

We aspire to be kind, forgiving and compassionate

We admire the successful who possess none of these traits

Our greed, for what it’s worth, has brought us to this point

We’re moving forward

The clock ticks

We're moving forward


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