Saturday, August 13, 2011

Relationships - woman

“What women don't understand about men is how dependent they are and how they look to women for guidance. I think women should really think about that. The best advice I can give about making a relationship work is to make sure you're not full of shit, and to do the right thing, unselfishly, instead of making everything about you.”
Rosanne Barr

I used to hate her but I find now that I really love to see pictures of her. She's become this late fifties vixen that I really, really like.

It's like she's gone from being this almost grotesque being who seemed to loathe herself to almost becoming the woman she was meant to be all along. I don't think her journey was an easy one at all. She's probably smarter than women "should be" and she's most definitely has more a smart mouth than women "should have".

I need to see more women make this kind of transformation. It's inspiring.

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