If things are not working out as you planned, you need to change

It’s easy to feel like you’re the victim of some kind of Universal conspiracy and that no matter what you do you’re just not getting to where you want to be or getting what you want in life. It’s easy to blame feeling dissatisfied or discontent on other people. It’s easy to start to feel powerless and like you can’t do anything about the circumstances you find yourself in.

You can always do something about your circumstances. If you live in the Western world and you live in a democratic country you really have lot of room to do it. If you live in the Western world you have so many opportunities available to you and that's a lot more than most people in this world have. You may not feel like you are but you’re bloody lucky. You're one of the fortunate few who really can make choices about how you live your life.

Sure, there are restraints too on what you can do but if you sit down and think about it those restraints are more likely to be tied in with the beliefs you hold, beliefs that are more than likely rooted somewhere in the past and tied in with something you were told or that happen to you as a child. Time to evaluate and let go perhaps?

One of the things I have noticed about people who are successful at enjoying what they’re doing and life in general  is that they’re not afraid to change tack and to step outside of what seems safe and normal. Most people would say they take risks but if you really look at it the risks aren’t really that big.

There’s a huge difference between risking your life and risking a career that you have built over a decade or so. We, in the West, are so programmed to hold onto belongings, jobs and relationships out of fear of losing out that we forget that sometimes we have to tear things down completely in order to be able to move on. We have to really make changes to become more successful and even more importantly to feel better about ourselves, maybe even to feel happy, content and a lot less stressed period.

Start taking risks. Be a bit daring. Start with something small like wearing different colors or clothes, or getting a brain new haircut. Start saying hello to people you don’t normally say hello to. Treat your partner differently, especially if the relationship is strained, relax a little about it, and stop holding onto things, beliefs and habits that don’t make you happy. Do a stock take to check what in your life you really want to keep and what you really can get rid of. Decide to make a small change in one area of your life just to see what will happen. You may be surprised just at how much of an impact it will have not only on you but on those around you as well.


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