Men do. Women get done.

Ever since Crystal Harris dumped Hugh Hefner a few days before their intended nuptials, I’ve been trying to figure out why it is that weeks after the event, there’s still pictures of Hugh Hefner and her in the online publication that masquerades as a newspaper but also does a fine job as doubling as a gossip magazine that I read?

Why, oh why?

There’s a fascination with Hugh. I’ve heard it lamented that he’s living every man’s dream and I know lots of men who’d gladly pat him on the back if they could (and especially if it meant that there was even the slightest chance that they would get in on the action ‘cause we all know that those 20-year old bimbos are gagging for it).

Personally I think it’s all a bit sad and I think it’s sad because I know, as well as you more than likely do too, that it’s not every girl’s dream to end up with a guy who’s about 60 years her senior. There’s nothing remotely attractive about a man in his eighties to a girl in her twenties except perhaps the opportunity to get a free shot to stardom.

The girls the Hef hangs out with don’t mind using their assets for business purposes and the industry they’ve chosen to be in is one where they will be completely and utterly objectified. I’m down with that. It’s their choice. Power to the girls – I can’t help feeling that in some way they’re beating men like Hugh at their own game but it doesn’t make Hugh Hefner look any less pathetic to me.

It’s an interesting topic, the objectifying of women. Turn on any video hits show, watch a few music vids and you soon realize that the lines between how men and women are portrayed are distinctly drawn.

The man sing and rap. They wear clothes. They’re the subjects. They do.

The women gyrate, titillate and flaunt. They wear hardly any clothes. They’re objects. They get done.

If you’re to believe this social snapshot women have nothing to offer but looks and the looks are used for one thing and that’s to attract a mate (like Hugh Hefner?!).

It’s fine to want to look good but I can’t help but to feel a little stifled by the weight of material that shows women as just being valuable if they do. And with every year that passes I feel a little more stifled. I was about to say that women are not allowed to grow old with the same dignity that men to but then I thought of Hugh again. If men grow old not being able to pull the kind of chicks the Hef does at 85 even when they’re in their 30s and 40s perhaps they feel a little stifled too.

That aside, what we need are more female protagonist and preferably not ones that sound like the Australian prime minister when they speak. Sorry Julia, your voice drives me insane and I know it’s shallow of me to think less of you because of the way you sound when you speak but you have a way of speaking that curdles milk. I can’t help but wonder what other heads of state think when you open your mouth. It may be an interesting negotiating tactic, getting people to agree just to shut you up.

I’m not ready to let my thirteen year old out in a world where there are not enough female role models to firmly set in her mind that women are just as good as men at "doing". I would hate to see her have to play the pretty game especially since I suspect that it would more than likely make her want to vomit. It’s sad though that so long after the rise of feminism we haven’t got any further, we’re still supposed to be pretty and that’s about it.

Me, I was never pretty and I never could shut up. I’d probably been better off as a bloke.


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