Certifiably Insane

Fred Nile, the man who makes me want to rip out my own eyes so that I can never, ever read anything he’s written ever again, but then to play it really safe I would have to also poke sharp objects in my ears to make sure I go deaf for fear of hearing him speak, Fred Nile is truly exceeding even his own stupidity limit, and believe me his quota is massively exceeded already, with this latest little gem:


Early this year saw a change in Australian schools that I personally welcomed. Scripture classes has been part of what the schools offer for I don’t know how long with the only alternative for kids who aren’t of a Christian persuasion being left to basically do nothing for a lesson every week. There were no alternatives offered at all. Beginning of the year new legislation allowed schools to offer “ethics classes” in which kids are taught values but without any religious alignment. It’s great to see this offered because in many cases if you don’t agree with having your kid go to scripture the alternatives were (are in some cases) so poor that you didn’t really have a choice.

Fred Nile. Every Sydneysider knows who he is. According to Fred there shouldn't be a choice. According to Fred if you're not wanting to send your kid to scripture you are probably in league with the devil or you're one of them pagan Greens. Wow. Because all Greens are pagan (and probably vice versa.

Fred Nile, who is, if I’m to be kind, a Christian zealot, and who’s basically in opposition to anything  non-Christian (and with non-Christian I mean anything that's not insanely Christian) drives me bananas and his latest rant just confirms to me that the man is completely bonkers.

I’m sorry, I’m so bloody intolerant when it comes to people like that. I do believe the world would be sooooo much better off without them.


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