Friday, July 1, 2011

This one is just too good to resist…

Making the rounds of the internet currently is this little gem. A newspaper in China published a story with the following photograph:  

The photograph is obviously (duh!) a clear case of having had Photoshop contaminate in a really bad way. Apparently the photographer has defended the photograph saying that the Chinese officials in the photo had actually visited the road in question and so implying that the photograph was not a total fake. He offered this photograph as proof:

Curious minds ask the question why bother photoshopping in this case. There seems to be nothing wrong with the original photo. Well, apparently in 2008 a photographer at the newspaper was sacked for making party officials look bad in a photo and so our photographer decided that he better get creative or he’d suffer a similar fate.

And, of course the inevitable followed:

Those Chinese chaps get around, don't they? You can imagine me saying that in a far too happy and stupefyingly positive voice as if I was narrating a 1950s propaganda movie.

I’m sure we could get even more creative with this one, don’t you?

Source: Sydney Daily Telegraph

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