Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's a tiny bit of summer in the air and my fruit and veg shop burns to the ground

This morning, and it was early morning because I like to get to work so I can start at 6am probably because there are less pesky people around at that time, I spotted a plume of smoke rising into the air from where the shops I usually do my grocery shopping are located. (And that's a really long sentence ya'll so I'm going to take a deep breath and think about whether I should rewrite it.) I was on top of the hill about to turn into that street that has that lovely hill you can sail down but that we also refer to as "the Last Hill" because it's so long. The shops were down there at the end of the very long hill.

By the time we got close we realized that we were going to have to detour because even though it was clear that this was at the end of putting out a very large fire three blocks had been cordoned off by police and there were still ten fire trucks about. People everywhere doing their stuff and some really cool fireman equipment lying around! I had to look because the little techno geek in couldn't help herself.

As it turned out it was our fruit and veg shop that had caught fire and it's now just a burned out shell and a lot of dead fruit and veg I assume. It's a good thing we bought potatoes yesterday so they didn't have to burn to death too!

But the thing about today that stands out even more is that although it was a freezing and foggy morning by the time the afternoon arrived the temperature had gone up significantly but not in that wintery kind of way we've had so far. Today there was a distinct air of summer which made me hope that spring is only just around the corner. The one thing I long for the most right now is to be able to get out of the long cycling tights and get into some shorts. I need to feel the wind on my legs, my very white legs, and not have my legs stuffed away all the time.

It's coming. Summer. I felt it on my face today.


  1. Gotta warn you: summer is pretty damn fickle.
    I haven't seen it all year. :(

  2. Hope. It can be fickle too but there it was yesterday all the while that feeling of summer warmth on my face. This morning it's cold as hell again and I can't quite remember what it was all about when I talked about summer.


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