Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's OK

Every now and again I get overloaded with disdain for humanity and the crap some members of that little club allow to spill out of their mouths. Therefore I'm compelled today to say;

It's OK to be a woman. It's OK to be angry because you're paid less because you are a woman. It's OK to have the period every month and it shouldn't mean that some jerkface CEO can turn around and claim that it's the reason women are paid less. Because they period. Which makes them take more sick days. Not all but some of them. And they have kids they stay at home to take care of. So they need to be paid less. He didn't make sense when he said that. He's a CEO. He can get the sack. He did. That's OK too.

It's OK to be black. It's OK to be whatever color you like (or don't like). It's OK.

It's OK to speak loudly in Hindi in the office if people around speak loudly in English. There's no real difference. It's OK. Loud is loud. Volume is not changed by language. It's OK.

It's OK to be gay. It's not OK to give medicaid money to people who run reparative therapy (WTF kind of term is that?!) because it's OK to be gay. There's nothing that's not OK about being gay just as there's nothing about being heterosexual that's not OK. It's all OK.

It's OK to say that gay rights are civil rights. Most gays I know are civil. Most gays are as right as anyone else is. It's OK to say that gay rights are civil rights.

It's OK to marry a same sex partner. It's not going to ruin it for anyone else. (I'm more than a little tired of that debate.) It's OK.

It's OK to tell your boss that he's behaving like a jerk-face if he belittles you in public. He's wrong. You're not. You're OK.

It's OK to take medication to feel OK if you're not able to do without it. It's also OK to be in therapy if it helps you. It's OK just as it's OK to seek treatment when you break your arm or accidentally hack it off. By accident. All that's OK.

It's OK to just be sometimes. There's nothing you have to be or do. Sometimes you just need to chill and just be. It's OK. You can even burp. That's OK too.

It's OK to get mad as hell when you see something that you think is really wrong. It's OK to say something about it. Say something, OK?

It's OK to call other people's bluff if your gut is screaming out that they're wrong no matter who they are. It's OK and if it's not it bloody well should be. OK.

It's OK to want to be pretty, skinny and shiny. It's not OK to put yourself down for what you are because you're OK. No, really. You're OK.

It's OK to ache for love or feel a heart wrenching need to have children even if you can't and it's OK to cry all over the place about it. Or be angry. It's OK to get angry. Or feel loss. Like you're grieving. Because your dream was killed. Right in front of you. Not fair. Life is not always fair and while that's not OK it's OK to feel utterly powerless because there's eff all you can do to change it. It's OK to cuss the Universe or God. It doesn't mind. It thinks it's OK. It rather you did than give up. It's not OK with you giving up. That's not OK.

It's OK not to want to be part of the whole consumer thing and to feel like things corporate are truly evil. It's OK.

It's OK to want a better world and hope that one day we will have what John Lennon only imagined as our world. It's OK to want that. Now.

It's OK to stop worrying that you're not measuring up even though you've worked longer hours, suffered from more stress than you should and still have people making sure you know you're not measuring up to their impossible standards. It's OK. It's OK to set your own standards if they suit you better. It's OK. If you don't believe me watch Office Space, close your eyes and imagine you're the main character in that movie and stop worrying. It's OK.


I hope you're OK.

I'm OK. I'm more OK than I've been in years.

OK :)

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