Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I can't stand Twilight but I'm kinda hooked on True Blood

I know people love Twilight but I don't know why it hasn't been banned yet. Why aren't there church groups out there getting all incensed about Twilight the way they did with Harry Potter? I mean Stephanie Meyers should get a medal for finding a company to published that stuff. I'm sorry ya'll but SHE'S THE MOST AWFUL WRITER IN THE WORLD and the books DON'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!

And, Edward is creepy. Period.

I've tried to avoid getting to know it but it's like a bad virus that spreads and then suddenly everyone knows about it even if they've not caught it. IT MAKES ME WANNA CRY BLOOD! It's god awful writing.

I can't even take heart in the fact that you can actually get crap like that published and make money from it, not just small money but lots of money. I wish I could. That could mean I could write a book and get it published and go "Hey, look at me! I'm a published author!" It's not even good for that. As Bella would say, it sucks.

True Blood on the other hand I like but I've not read it. I'm not going to either. It gets delivered to me in small installments on TV and that's OK. I had little hope for the fourth season but now that the Wiccans fried Eric Northman's brain who knows what will happen?

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