Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Windy Issue

I'm back doing yoga after eons of not doing because stoopid meetings interfered and I had to attend them. It wasn't good.

Monday I was back in class at lunch time and when I picked up the yoga teacher from downstairs so I could escort her upstairs to where we do yoga (at work) she was surprised to see me back. She thought I had given it all up. As if!

So the class started and it was all going really well. I was really enjoying the whole bending, stretching and strengthening thing, and I threw myself into downward dog (a favorite pose of mine) with gusto when the unspeakable happened. I farted. I farted audibly and with audibly I mean loud as in a ripper of a fart.

When there's only five people in the class it's hard to pretend it's not you who did the deed and with the others looking like they heard nothing, which means they bloody well did, I felt really embarrassed. I mean, normally you get some kind of warning so you can take countermeasures and clench your butt cheeks or something but no, just pfffft loud and clear.

It's natural to break wind, I know, but there are places I would rather have it happen than in a eerily silent yoga class.

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