Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One week on

It's been a week ya'll. My, oh my, how time flies when you find yourself freed from the terror reigns of the Sharpei.

Not as if that was enough. We reentered the realm of engineering as the prodigal tech writers and we were welcomed with open arms and smiles and "great-to-have-you-back". It's been three years out there in the desert ya'll but we're back, we're so back.

The crowning moment, the pièce de résistance if you will, of the gloriously fluffy cream cake that this past week has been was born out of an interaction with a past boss of engineering who had occasion to call on me for something completely unrelated.

He turned up and asked me how I felt about going to back to engineering and I told him that it was a huge (as in HUGE - you have to imagine me with my arms spread wide open to illustrate just how huge) relief. He asked me who my boss was (as in who am I leaving behind) and I quietly motioned to the Sharpei located on the other side of a partition two seats away from me. Past boss looks at me and says "Who the fuck is that?"

Now all of this may well have been heard by the Sharpei, which makes it kind of bad but which also makes it sweet vindication. Past boss is known for not being one to mince words and he parted with a clearly audible "Good to see you back where you belong!'. You have to love support like that.

You also have to love that my new boss baked a cake himself for us as a welcoming gesture. That's pretty sweet, you have to admit!

It's been great ya'll, so great in fact that I have little to say except that I again have to iterate that I'm so glad I reached out and asked for help. I'm so glad I got support. It's priceless!

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  1. Tech writers belong with engineering. Anything else is Just Wrong. Glad you're back where you belong!


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