Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monkeylectrics ya'll - I pimped my bike!

I did mention them in a previous post and I did say I was going to tell you all about them. I'm not going to tell you all about them because you'd get bored. If you're like me you get bored real easy so I'll keep it short.

First I'm going to show my bike. This is it here...

My Avanti Forte 3 - the off-roader
Just as I inserted the pic of the Avanti I realized that my other bike will get jealous so I whipped out and took a picture of it as well. I don't want them to fight leaving a bloody mess in the garage or anything...

My Progear RS20 - the roadbike
By the time I took the picture of my Progear, it was like 10 minutes in between shoots, the sun had risen ever so slightly and I ended up with a slight rainbow effect. Either that or my roadbike is really a unicorn in disguise and so it's magical which could also explain the rainbow effect in the photo.

The Avanti Forte 3 is the off-roader that never really goes off road unless you count Sydney roads as "off road" because they're so full of potholes it's like riding off road.

I ride early in the morning before sunrise to get to work so it makes sense having a more sturdy bike since I ride a mix of road, footpaths and bike tracks in any weather really. (Not that Sydney has weather really, not if you compare with Northern Europe anyway. We get really rainy periods like we've just had every 10-20 years or so it seems.)

The roadbike is faster, lighter and a much easier ride. I don't want to add extra weight to it so no Monkeylectrics for it.

The off-roader is more flexible, especially in the dark, in that you can switch from paths to road and not bother too much about what's in between. It's also a lot safer if you have to go on grass to pass an obstruction on a footpath, for example. I have fitted the Monkeylectrics to this bike because I don't mind the extra weight on it.

Riding on footpaths is illegal in Sydney if you're over 12 years old but the police leave you alone nowadays if you do. I think they prefer you on the footpath rather than having to mop you up off the road after an accident. Sydney roads are bad to ride on so I avoid riding on busy roads at all cost and stick mostly to back roads and bike paths. It's when I can't avoid a busy road that I use the footpath.

But back to the Monkeylectrics...

This is what the actual device looks like on my off-roader...
Monkeylectrics - battery side (I use rechargeable of course)

Monkeylectrics - controls side
(If you think the perspective is weird in this photo your right,
it's tilted)

Looking at the device doesn't actually show you why I've added them to my bike so I've added a couple of youtube movies here that a friend made of his a few years back. At the time he only had one set fitted. As you can see in the picture of my offroader I have two sets fitted.

The Monkeylectrics at night (one set of LEDs fitted only).

Monkeylectrics in daylight (one set of LEDs fitted only).

The thing we've found with the Monkeylectrics is that there's no way anyone can miss you when you have them on in the dark. Something else we've found is that drivers seem to treat you better. It's as if they can't look at pretty lights and be angry at cyclists at the same time. If you ride where there are pedestrians at night you get pretty much the same effect. Pretty lights = make happy people.

I've not fitted them to look pretty. I've fitted them for added safety. My bike looks like a movable disco at night and that for some reason makes me safer.

I like my Monkeylectrics. :)

There are a lot of youtube movies with Monkeylectrics that are a lot better than the two I posted here.

P.S. Dear Monkeylectrics people, I'm plugging your product. You can thank me later.

P.P.S. This post was a lot longer that I was originally planning. If you got bored or lost interest half way through I apologize.

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