Sunday, May 22, 2011

OMG ya'll! I completely forgot to tell you about my new bike!!

A few weeks back I had the fourth (the f-ing fourth!) spoke break in the bike wheel of my trusty road bike. I've been saying to the guys at my bike shop since the second one broke that I wanted a new wheel but they kept reassuring me that it "would never happen again", the odds of that are just too big. Well, bike boys I should have bought a lottery ticket.

The fourth spoke broke on the way to work and I managed to nurse the bike to work. I called a new bike shop close to work and begged them to repair my wheel at lunch. I didn't need to beg, they were more than willing to oblige. I love new bike shops that are still in the process of building a customer base.

I was standing there waiting for the the mechanic to put a new spoke in my wheel when I suddenly spotted her up on the stand. She was gorgeous. I've been toying with the idea of getting a second bike for a while now. My old mountain bike is too hard to ride and it needs too much help. So, I asked lots of questions about this new bike I had spotted.

In the mean time it was decided that my poor back wheel would be a complete re-spoke. I was to bring the bike by in the morning and they would do it. I left without even having to pay for the job they had just done (love these guys) only promising to return the next day.

I did. I put my roadie in for fix and a service. All up it ended up costing me less than a new wheel. (Did I mention I love these guys?) I also left with my new bike.

My new bike is an off-roader but she handles Sydney beautifully. I ride a mix of roads, footpaths and bike tracks to get to and from work and since I currently leave home at the ungodly hour of 5am (btw - wtf happened to the rapture?!) it's dark. Having thick chunky tires that grip in the wet and suspension that takes care of pot holes you can't see in the dark is great! I love my new bike. It takes more to ride but that only means that I get more exercise, right? I must say also that I sometimes miss the extra power having cleats mean. It makes for a faster ride up hills if nothing else.

I will not get rid of my trusty roadie but for now I will use my Avanti Forte 3. Being able to zoom down the bike paths in the morning and not having to worry about the concrete being slippery from morning dew is fun, so much fun! It has disk brakes too. They're apparently heavier but I can attest to the fact that they're more reliable but you can't fix them yourself which kind of sucks. My first disk brakes ever!

Behold! I was too lazy to take a pic of mine so I stole this from the web! That's not purple, that's eggplant color because all women want to be reminded of food when they're riding their bike according to Marketing at Avanti!.

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  1. It looks beautiful!
    I just got my commute bike back from the shop, so I can relate to the peace of mind from not having to worry about the terrain. I'm saving my road bike for weekend trips where it's not a problem if the dainty Italian tires get a flat and I have to spend time fixing it. I've never gotten a flat tire with the chunk tires on my commute bike.


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