Sunday, May 22, 2011

Australian actor Bill Hunter dies - I dunno what'll happen to Aussie movies now

One of the first things I noticed when I had moved to Australia many, many years ago, so many years ago that I can't off the top of my head exactly recall how many this early on a Sunday morning, was that there was one Australian actor who seemed to be in all Aussie movies.

Well he's died. Since I suspect that you can't make movies without Bill Hunter I, it's a logical conclusion, also now suspect that you can't make Aussie movies. I know it's not comparable to Hollywood falling down in a heap, or Bollywood for that matter, but to some of us, the some of who like homegrown movies, it's not good.

But anyway Bill, rest in piece. We we''ll miss you on the silver screen. You are the one who should have made Terminator. I'm just saying. And Dirty Harry. I'm just saying again.

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