Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Underestimate the Power of New Hair

It's morning. I've not even had my coffee. Except of course nowadays coffee is decaf. Caffeinated coffee is a no-no since anxiety made me its new best friend so I decaf nowadays. For old time's sake, you know.

I cut my hair off yesterday. It was well down the middle of my back and heading down towards the lower back. I had it cu off. I sat there in the hair salon chair and I told the hair dresser to go for it. New hairdresser. The point of no return. A brand new day.

I saved the ponytail. O and I joke that I should stick it to my bicycle helmet because it seems everyone is more tolerant of girl riders. I don't have the ponytail edge anymore. I have to either fake it or risk it.

When she put the scissors to the ponytail I said "Don't mind me if I scream. It's probably just relief." She laughed and rebuked me for making her lose her concentration. But honestly dear reader, it felt like a huge relief when it went.

The whole putting foils in your hair is painful for someone like me. I don't like sitting still for that long and it takes forever, doesn't it? It was made worse because I wanted to see the final cut. But of course, the advantage of having foils is that you get to have your hair washed. They massage your head and it feels so good you just want to stay there forever.

I'm so happy with the cut! For the first time in a long time I feel like myself. It's weird. I've had long hair since I was 20 years old and here I am feeling like this very short cut is nothing strange. I think I have to add a photo of me perhaps. Maybe when I've had my coffee.

Best of all with this cut is that it's a really great distraction. It's hard for the brain to concentrate on anxiety when you've thrown a little thing like a radical hair cut in the mix. A little psychology tip there. You can use it. Free of charge. No need to thank me.

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