Saturday, March 26, 2011


Election in NSW today. Labour has suffered a crushing defeat after having been in power at state level for...eons..

A crushing defeat is, roughly translated and at current stats, 66 seats for the Liberals versus 16 seats for Labour. Three seats are "other" and none have gone to the Greens (despite that man representing the Greens today at the polling booths being such a jolly nice chap to me.

Politics. I used to take an active interest but nowadays I don't even vote. That's unusual if you live in Australia where they actually fine you if you don't vote (although my ex-husband escaped being fined two times in a row just by claiming that there were no decent choices - my idea BTW - true story). I would be an Australian citizen were it not for them forcing me to vote - true story.

Politics. No1Currr. Just read it out loud. No1Currr.

I had a very bad day with a rabid principle of a school attacking me personally (verbally - no teeth involved!) for the second time - true story which I will probably tell you all about another day. I have a letter of complaint to write, a career to destroy and sleep to get where I can dream of retribution.

I'm so tired I could eat a horse. Or sleep. Something like that.

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