Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I was reading another blog, one I've just stumbled across the other day and found to be very compatible with my taste, and it was talking about farting. I've been avoiding that subject here but I just have to talk about it now. I mean it's OK to talk about it. She did. In her blog. It's a bit personal but we're all friends here, aren't we? AREN'T WE?!

O and I just passed our first year anniversary. It's been one year since we met in person after having tentatively made contact on some internet dating site (I was so not looking for action! I swear I wasn't). We'd messaged and then graduated to phone calls. The only reason I decided I could possibly survive meeting O was that he sounded educated (not in the snobby way) and quite sane (although it's possibly quite the opposite that's the truth).

One thing I very quickly realized about O was the he was utterly shameless and unapologetic about farting. He would just let one rip and when I looked at him disapprovingly he just shrugged.

I was brought up in a household where that kind of thing was frowned upon in the most severe way. (Weird thing is I clearly remember my older brother sitting on me farting for funsies and my mother having the most vicious cheek flapping farts I've ever heard or even heard about.) I was suddenly faced with having a complete crisis. I liked this guy and it turned out he's a god damned public farter!

Well here we are a year later and I guess you could say we 're happy. Our relationship may be unconventional in some ways but the honesty is there, the honesty that allows one to let one rip and really enjoy it.

Nowadays, if the mood is right, I even allow myself to have a giggle about it. But I can't stop the habit I have of apologizing for farting. It's an automated function so very well entrenched that one could say it's etched deeply into my psyche (by my mothers disapproving looks). It's OK though. I'm free to fart.

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