Sunday, March 13, 2011

Charlie Sheen's responsible - of that I'm certain

It seems that lately we've been doing a lot of disaster watching on the net.

The latest one, and by far the worst one so far, is the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan.

Both O and I have this theory (I don't know if that's the right's more like we have this suspicion or have drawn the conclusion perhaps) that it's as if Earth has started to find us so annoying that she's trying to shake us off like a dog does fleas. We're beginning to irritate her.

You have to marvel the sheer energy needed to cause something like an earthquake of the magnitude of the Japan earthquake. It's enormous! Not only is it enormous, it's also chaotic.

We know of only one force in the Universe that could possibly generate a chaotic force of that magnitude at this point in time and it's Charlie Sheen. They took him away and locked him up you know. He's probably a bit pissed off. He's missing his Tiger blood. His thinking's a bit muddled. Charlie Sheen's responsible for this one - of that I'm certain.

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