Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Award for Being Unconscious and Nasty at the Same Time Goes to *drumroll* ME!

I woke up the other morning and O was grinning from ear to ear at me . I could tell he was amused and my suspicious mind naturally jumped to the conclusion that some time during the night I had done something funny in my sleep. My suspicions were not unfounded.

O told me to put my head back on my pillows so he could show what funny and cute little thing I'd done. I did. The next thing I know both pillows are yanked out from under my head in, shall we say, a rather violent way.

My protests at being treated so cruelly were met with laughs and assurances that I had been very cute. WTF? is what I thought while rubbing my now whiplashed neck.

Apparently I had yanked O's pillows out from under his sleepy little head in the middle of the night. When he protested and asked for them back I apparently hugged them tight. "My bed. My pillows," I said (or so he told me and apparently that was the cute part...).

He did get them pillows back off me somehow and he assures me that the whole episode was "cute". I can't help but to feel like a selfish bitch. I mean what person goes and steals pillows from someone sleeping? The kind who steals candy from little kiddies ('cause I just know that's next...)?

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