Friday, February 4, 2011

Weigh In - It's been a long time coming

I finally dared to step on the scales to weigh myself today.

The decision to do was not taken lightly because for the past few months I've been particularly lazy about what I've been eating because of Christmas and my birthday. I've also not exercised nearly as much because yoga has been on hold (it's something I do through work) and being on holiday has meant that I haven't cycled nearly as much. But on the scales I stepped because it was high time to face the facts.

To my great surprise I have shed somewhere along the lines of 3kgs (6.5 pounds) since I last weighed myself. Now that's a few months ago but since I haven't really been trying and since I've had very little exercise I see it as a very good sign. I must be getting it right with what I choose to eat without being too fascist about it.

It seems to work better for me when I don't monitor myself too much. When I do, I start to suffer from something like performance angst and I self sabotage. Of course, not monitoring at all would be crazy but perhaps I should be working on sticking to somewhere in between.

I have a fair idea now how much and what I need to eat in a day to feel good and to lose weight. I sometimes fail when I get lazy and don't bring food with me to work and have to buy something for lunch. Bought meals are a killer! But I figure if I can get my act together and make sure I bring my lunch to work with me I should be pretty much OK.

It was a pleasant surprise. I know what a let down it would have been if I had gained weight again.

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