Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Aftermath - Let's Assassinate the Premier for "over-warning"

I used to take an interest in politics but that was when I was still young,  idealistic and brought up to believe that I had a say in how my country was run. Sitting here now though I have to admit that even though I, as a Swedish citizen, have been allowed to have dual citizenship since 2000 I have chosen not to because becoming an Australian citizen would mean that I would actually have to vote. Yep, they actually fine you in this fine country if you don't turn up to vote and since I have come regard the politics as absolute bollocks I choose to remain a citizen of only one country namely the one that won't force me to vote.

Having no interest in politics means that I still haven't figured out what party Queensland Premier Anna Bligh actually belongs to. I just didn't get curious enough to check it out even though I spent a good portion of last night watching her on TV.

We are currently gifted with three women in political power positions in Australia.

One is our Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She wasn't voted in. She was part of some wheeling and dealing where her party got rid of Kevin Rudd who was the Prime Minister and she took over. It's nice to have a female Prime Minister at last but it would have been so much sweeter if her party had won power while touting her as the candidate for the top job.

Another is the New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally. She got her job in pretty much the same way Julia got hers, some sort of power struggle and overthrow. She's not doing too well in her job apparently. There's rumor of another overthrow being imminent there.

Then there is Anna Bligh. I hope she was elected but I've decided not to check because I don't want to be disappointed or do something that will make me suspect that powerful women are just scheming bitches.

Whoever and whatever Anna Bligh is is not really important. Last night she did a sterling job appearing on TV with updates together with the Queensland Police Commissioner, who was faithfully hovering in the background, and an host of other people.

She reassured. She offered sound advice. She warned. She seemed genuinely worried about people.

During all this she was calm and collected but engaged. She seemed to have all the facts when she was asked questions. It must have been a hell of a night for her and she must have been exhausted but she seemed determined to see it all through.

Not surprisingly though today she is copping it left, right and center for having "over-warned" people. So far we've not had any deaths reported as a result of cyclone Yasi but there's been plenty of damage. The eye of the cyclone landed in sparsely populated areas and didn't hit Cairns as was first thought. Yasi changed course slightly and Cairns didn't cop the brunt of it. Apparently she should have known and not had the good people of Cairns evacuated to the extent she did. God damned women and how they always worry too much, eh?

There's apparently no "better safe than sorry" for some people if you read the comments in some online papers and blogs. Apparently the end result of Yasi just wasn't bloody enough and one almost gets the feeling they're talking about a Hollywood movie rather than a catastrophic event!

We don't know if lives have been lost yet for sure but it's looking good so far. I don't think you can warn too much when an area is faced with being hit with a category 5 cyclone! It's about saving lives. Maybe Queenslanders learned a few things from past cyclones and maybe the people at state level took a few notes from hurricane Katrina.

To be fair there has also been plenty of people twittering and commenting online during and after the event that they appreciated all the good advice and all the updates they were getting while they were actually in it. Anna Bligh was most certainly a big part of that.

It was lucky that Yasi took the path it did. Things could have been a lot worse. Thank god they weren't. In the meantime credit should be given were credits due.

Anne Bligh was god damned superwoman last night and she showed great leadership (and as such she's a great role model for young women out there, just saying girls.....).

I don't give a shit about politics but I do give a shit about how people manage crisis and this was the mother crisis of them all! If people want to bitch about something bitch about something else and do it somewhere else. We have a state to rebuild what with the recent floods and now the cyclone. Let's do a bitching job at doing that, shall we?

We heard about this one on ABC news although they didn't exactly know who it was who made the decision but they did know that it had saved lives...

'Red Cross worker Noelene Byrne decided to move the evacuation centre from Tully's senior citizens hall on Wednesday night because she feared the 10 people there would not be safe.

"I'm now in front of the senior citizens and it's one mangled heap," she told ABC Radio on Thursday morning.

"Had I left people there, there would have been loss of life."

"The destruction there is just heartbreaking."

"It's just the front wall of the hall that's standing, the rest is just one big scrap heap."'

Daily Telegraph

This is the kind of stuff they went through up there...

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