Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black Dog

Every so often the black dog comes to visit. He arrives quietly, I hardly ever hear him coming or can anticipate his arrival.

When he comes my world turns up side down and everything that I have built up that was beautiful and nice crumbles, my confidence and self esteem shatters into little pieces. Nothing fits anymore and everything seems hopeless.

I realized something very important today, in a way I can't believe I haven't realized this before, the black dog's arrival marks the arrival of migraines.

His arrival is the first indication I get that I will have a migraine attack.  It starts a few days before and stays with me for at least a day after the migraine is gone.

I've struggled to try to figure out where these dark moods come from and what their cause is. Funny thing is that Google turned up an avalanche of result but no doctor has ever mentioned it to me.
Anywhoos, I love dogs but this is one whose company I can do without.

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