Monday, January 31, 2011

Heat and Buses - not necessarily related subjects

There's nothing I despise more than heat (except possibly small children throwing tantrums on public transport and middle aged, sweaty geezers who think they're sexy ). I know that's not what I used to say when I still lived in Sweden (about the heat) but ever since I've moved to Sydney I've hated it (- the heat).

Summer, and especially around this time of year which happens to be just around my birthday (in Sweden I got bloody sleet every year now I get hell heat!), is murder to me. The house I live in now has an air conditioner which is like the biggest blessing ever but step outside and I begin to agree with my grandfather: people can't possibly live in these temperatures.

It's true. You may be alive but you're sure as hell aren't living. It saps the energy out of you and forces you to drink anything you can get your hands on. I realize that I may come across like an ungrateful, whining git here, after all our Queensland cousins just had their hopes, plans and lives drowned in the mother of all floods, but I loathe this kind of weather with a vengeance.

It's a good thing I'm off work this week. It's a bad thing I have to leave the relative comfort of my home and go with my daughter on the bus to school this week. She's off to high school on her own on public transport. She will do fine. I will worry like a crazy Jewish mother even though I'm not even remotely Jewish, to my knowledge anyway.

Thank goodness there are shopping centers on the way. I may just survive this week.

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