Thursday, January 27, 2011

Asshole Writers

In an obviously completely misguided attempt to integrate myself into society and to form alliances with people “my own kind” I signed up for a few writers’ forums on a professional networking site. I go through these phases when I forget myself and start thinking that I fit in with the general population.

All would probably have been well were it not for the fact that I had, as a newcomer, the audacity to comment on a post. The result was devastating. I was asked if I had even read the previous comments because obviously my comment was somehow so completely retarded that it was obvious to people reading it that I had just randomly commented sans thought. It seemed that some of the writers on the forum really took objection to me typing this absolute gobshite comment and I had somehow broken some unwritten or fine print writer’s law or something.

The funny thing is that I hire writers (and I therefore also sometimes fire writers) so I can’t help feeling that I’m having the last laugh here. None of these people would make it through an interview with me because that type of person is seldom able to work as part of a team. Plus, of course, now I have their names….. :P~

English is my second language and sometimes I envy those with perfect grammar. I could probably be one of them if I applied myself but I find that in order for me to do my job and to get by in life it’s not necessary so I choose to spend my free time doing more frivolous things. For my audience, for the type of documentation I write and for the team of writers I lead the command I have of the English language seems to be more than sufficient.

I get a bit sick of people having bite chunks out of each other over petty crap. It’s seldom helpful; it always shows how big their ego really is. Of course I knew it already; a lot of writers have big egos but I’d forgotten just what assholes they can be to each other. You can debate correct word usage etc (my own personal pet peeve is corporate jargon) but there’s also such as a thing as communicating with a wider audience (and being too tired to edit your own blog posts only to realize later that you apparently can’t spell).

Is there really a need to look for perfection in others all the time?

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