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Who Knows

Who knows how it all started and why but it's very much part of my life now, the reluctance to write. It's like all the exuberance and excitement I used to feel has slipped away in favour of a serious way of viewing my self-expression. It's a little ironic. I work in "proper" communications now, and with proper I mean not just with the short, choppy, bossy sentences of technical writing but with more flowery language and what not. I'm a "proper "comms person. But, as with all things it has to change.  I'm applying for a role that is technical writing again and it's not just about wanting to get back to what I know, but also a longing for a stability I haven't had in years. I work in government but I contract and this time I'm hoping to snag myself a permanent job that I seriously, when I really dig deep and have a long hard think about it, I don't really know why I'm going after. Maybe there's a sense that it's

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